Bee Bootcamp for Beginners

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As an intro, I'm a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine trained in Pathology and Internal Medicine and have taught at Texas A&M and Colorado State University - and bees are all I do now!!

The first class will be at no cost on Jan. 25th at 6:30pm. We'll touch on materials available for learning, the topics I'm going to cover through Feb and March, and if you want to get the formal WA State Beekeepers Assn certification, I can also get that done for you. I'm a board member of WASBA and very involved in the Educational Committee. This is bundle pricing for the entire 8 week course and has a significant savings over buying sessions as a pay per vue option.

Instead of getting 10 different answers to a question, as a beginner you need one that works and gets your bees through the first year so you can learn - that's what you'll get with these classes. With the inability of some clubs to meet and provide this service, I'm very excited to get this started and support as many new beeks that need it until the clubs can take them back and help them again!!

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