Locally Adapted 5 Frame Nucs

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Sanctuary Farms Apiary is committed to producing honey bee strains that are locally adapted to our environmental conditions. As all beekeepers know, all beekeeping is local, and that includes not only the mites and viruses they carry, but also the bees ability to mount a succesful immune response. Our focus is a holistic approach to genetics and strain development based on science and data.

As a veterianarian and animal medical professional trained in disease prevention and population medicine, I strive to select for genetics that are capable of developing traits that support sustainability and survival. We have built our breeder lines on the "mite resistant" genetics of a select group of producers from around the country. We then manage those genetic lines and provide nucleus colonies for sale from only the best. Our process is grounded in quality, not quantity - due to our high standards, supply is limited.

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