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Welcome to Camano Island Honey at Sanctuary Farms

A sacred place; a place of refuge and protection.

Sanctuary farms is nestled on the shores of beautiful Camano Island, on the north end of Puget Sound in beautiful Washington State. Just a 5o minute drive from Seattle, and accessible by bridge, Camano Island is a destination for people wanting a refuge from the bustle of the city.  Also, our products are available via web store on the island of course, but also in Skagit County as well as Snohomish County.  

Our hope in such a complicated world, is to help people return to the basics. By providing the most simple, pure, and natural ingredient: Honey

We here at Sanctuary Farms and Camano Island Honey understand that the environment and its inhabitants are all precious. We could not have such a beautiful and productive world to live in without each and every one of them.

In particular, we have focused on the pollinators, and specifically the honey bee, which is one of the most important creatures in that the majority of our food resources would not exist without them.  We not only value the bees, we support them in as many ways as we possibly can through consumer and environmental awareness educational platforms.  To support that mission our chief beekeeper/veterinarian is always happy to do speaking engagements for your groups or clubs!!

Camano Island Honey is available for purchase on Camano Island at the Apiary, just hit the link for Pick up and Local Delivery.

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