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Agriculture Valuations and Tax Exemptions

Agricultural Exemption ServicesDid you know beekeeping may qualify you for an Ag Valuation on your property?

Ag Valuation rules vary by county, and properties must qualify for at least 3 out of 5 years in some counties to retain their status. However, the valuation can save you lots of money on your property taxes, and you can gain a rewarding and fun hobby in the process, or have your tax exemption managed by us!

Join us for this FREE seminar where we explain how to get started, best practices for working with your county tax rep, and a few ideas on how to achieve success even if you aren’t interested in the actual beekeeping. Registration required and space limited.

An Introduction to Apiculture

Bee BootcampIntrigued by honey bees? Interested in starting your own backyard hive?

This class will focus on bee biology and behavior and how to get started as a beekeeper, including discussions of city and state regulations, a demonstration of necessary equipment, and information on where you can get your own bees.

In our Bee Bootcamp program, you will get a 3 hour seminar in the bee basics of anatomy, physiology, the workings of a colony, bee gear, an introduction to handling, discussion on local and state farming regulations, and how to handle some of the simpler issues in being around a lot of bees.

Beginning Beekeeping

Beginning BeekeepingAre you ready to take your education to the next level? Are you a brand new beekeeper, or planning to get bees in the next year? Then this class is for you!

This class is dedicated to learning how to inspect a honey bee hive. This class is perfect for new beekeepers, or those preparing to start their own hives soon. Learn how, when, and why you should conduct hive inspections. We will discuss seasonal considerations, what’s ‘normal’ and what’s not, and get an introduction to the concept of integrated pest management and we will learn the basics of lighting a smoker. If you own a smoker, feel free to bring yours to practice!

The morning is dedicated to an in-class training session covering the finer details on “Reading the Frames” and identifying diseases and pests.  The afternoon is all about being “in the hive” and discovering the realities of what you learn in class and the routine of a live colony inspection.   Each student is given the time and opportunity to physically manipulate and move around in the hive.  This is a hands-on class, so get ready to handle frames of bees!

This class requires the basics in bee behavior and biology.

Note: This class is limited to 12 students total to allow you the best opportunity for a truly hands-on experience!

Brand new to bees and beekeeping? Check out our Intro to Apiculture class to ensure you get everything you can out of this class!

Advanced Beekeeping and Integrated Pest Management

Bees on Fence

This class focuses on the latest in scientific research and methodologies in disease management and bee health and welfare.

Addressed are issues with Varroa mites, viruses they carry, the stressors that kill and cause colony decline.  Also covered are the winter bee biology cycle and how viruses cause collapse in early spring.  Disease control and treatment protocols including parasiticide resistance, “organic” treatments, and integrated techniques are covered in detail.

This is an in-class seminar with live hive demonstrations as available.

Nutraceuticals, Herbal Medicines, and the Art of Homeopathy


This course contains an overview of natural herbs and plants that can be used to improve your health and alleviate symptoms from medical conditions.

Covered briefly is the history of herbs that are now used as medicines, as well as key plants and their chemistry.  You’ll learn about first aid techniques for your pets, how and when to seek professional help, and how to treat minor ailments with herbal solutions.

Sustainable Living – From Gardening to Canning

Sustainable LivingIn this seminar series we cover the development of small space gardening, strategic planting for productivity, pollinator inputs, dry season irrigation, what stores well, as well as how to store your excess.

Review of USDA regulations and the National Center for Home Food Preservation rules and guidelines are included.  There is also a hands on class jam making demonstration – so if you’ve always wanted to put up a few jars of homemade jam for the winter, this is your chance to do it with no fear of failure!!

We’ll cover the importance of acidifying as well as liquid, powdered pectin and artificial pectin free techniques.

Installing Your New Bees!!  Free!


This is a FREE Workshop that will walk you through how to install your new animal friends!

We will show a video of installing a package of bees and will also walk through a nucleus hive installation (without the bees inside of course!!), so you are completely comfortable and ready to take on the task on your own when the big day arrives!

We’ll have a standard set up for demonstration purposes so you can see what yours should look like when all is said and done.  This is also a great time to ask any last minute questions before your bees arrive and get any last minute tools you may need!

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